Saturday, March 7, 2009

Everyone Is Doing It

I like Facebook. I’m a relatively late adopter but an enthusiastic one. It’s been fun to see how viral social marketing can be. One of my favorite social studies of late is the omnipresent “25 Random Things About Me” being posted. And while I’ve enjoyed reading these fun facts about my friends, I haven’t yet penned my own list of secrets I’m ready to reveal. But it did lead me to join the band wagon and pen this list that feels very intimate to me.

25 Things I Love about the South—
1. Watching heat lightening over the water in the summertime
2. Saying “yes ma’am” and “no, sir” regardless of your age
3. My grandmother’s biscuits
4. Fried chicken and fried green tomatoes (not necessarily together but I wouldn't complain about it)
5. Football as a religion (I love the pride people have in their Team)
6. Bourbon and coke at a football game
7. Getting dressed up to go to the football game
8. Thank you notes
9. Spanish moss hanging from the trees
10. Apalachicola oysters
11. Grits (sublime with salt, pepper and butter and delightful topped with shrimp but never with sugar)
12. Thin fried catfish from Middendorf’s
13. Magnolias, camellias and hydrangeas
14. Cornbread from a cast iron skillet
15. People asking if you want a Coke and then asking what kind
16. Pulled pork BBQ
17. Small batch bourbon
18. A casserole from a neighbor when something goes wrong
19. The white, soft sand beaches of the Gulf
20. Chick-fil-a
21. Never meeting a stranger
22. Having the “bless her heart” card to play
23. Recycled family names
24. Robert E. Lee and his teachings on how to be a southern gentleman
25. The drawl, y’all!

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