Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Product of My Environment

They say you're a product of your environment. But what if you have two environments? Over the years, I've come to feel as if I have a split personality. 

Have you ever taken one of those tests that measures what part of the brain you tend to use more? Usually it's measuring right-brain versus left-brain or the analytical versus the creative sides. While most people lean definitely to one side or the other, I'm pretty much right down the middle, showing that I can be both. Although I'm left-handed, I wanted to copy whatever my right-handed brother did, so I ended up kind of ambidextrous. When I'm in California, I tend to crave tofu in green curry sauce and recycle, but as soon as I set foot back in the South, my accent kicks in, I wave to every person I drive by, and go in search of Krystal burgers and biscuits. 

So, I guess it should be no surprise that my Christmas in South Carolina with my parents (see opening photo) was spent embracing and consuming the wondrous fried foods of the Low Country. When in "Rome," do enjoy:

Fried Grits

Fried Oysters

Fried Green Tomato Sandwich

But now that I'm back in my Santa Barbara environment, I'll be happily heading down to the nearest liquor store to pick up a tasty carne asada taco (for some reason, that is where the best Mexican food is made fresh to order and sold), and then fill my car up with gas that is $1.50 more expensive per gallon. 

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  1. OK this is just not nice to a pregnant lady. Now I have a major craving for fried tomatoes. I'm going to have Phil go by Tupelo Junction on the way home from work ;)