Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I've been away from here for a while.

You see I actually got very sick quite unexpectedly. Sick as in your day starts out completely unremarkable (breakfast, exercise, client conference call . . .) and then a few hours later you're in the ICU! Anyway, the point is I haven't really been up to the task of blogging, or really much else, for most of August. But I was completely humbled by the graciousness and thoughtfulness of so many who visited me in the hospital, stayed with me when I got out, sent me good things to read and beautiful things to look at, and made nourishing, delicious things for me to eat. It certainly makes me appreciate what a blessing good health is — and good friends!

So not a whole lot of cookin' has been going on in my kitchen of late. Seriously, I don't even know when I last made a home-cooked meal or what it was. This is what I "made" for breakfast this morning. I know, it looks like something a college student would eat.

In the wake of the mysterious illness (which is yet to be named but the doctors assure me I'll make a full recovery from), I also felt like I needed to get away and kind of regroup. So I stole away this week. While there will be no food pictures, I thought perhaps you might still enjoy these shots.

I do miss cooking and promise to get back to it soon, as well as blogging. Warm wishes to all for a wonderful Labor Day holiday ahead!


  1. How were you able to sneak a coke and donuts into your health spa ;)

    So glad you are feeling better!!


  2. Hmmmm. Food, maybe not traditionally... however, these shots are food for the soul!
    Very breathtaking. And the donut shot... I could feel the "wholey" spirit! On a more serious note... I am glad you are recovering and that you have lots of support around you!
    Hope you got at least a teeny chuckle with my above cheesiness! Oh, there it is, more food talk! Someone stop me!

  3. Get well soon Holley. Time off and time away can be it's own blessing.