Saturday, June 2, 2012


My friend, who lives in New Orleans, recently posted this picture (above) on Facebook. And it made me homesick. 

There are few things as enjoyable as hopping in a boat (or in a seaplane to get to your boat) and spending the day catching fish with friends and/or family. But the real reward comes afterwards when you get to have a big fish fry. At least that's what you do in the South. For Mother's Day this year, that's exactly what we did. And my friend's photo made me want to do it all over again this weekend. 

My cousin was nice enough to donate what seemed like 40 lbs of fish (enough to fill up a large Coleman) he'd recently caught to the cause, which is much more generous than perhaps I would have been after all that work reeling them in. He set up the "kitchen" in the driveway, which involves the flatbed of a pick-up truck, a card table with a large fry pan on top, 5 gallons of Wesson oil, and a butane tank. It might not pass code but it certainly does the trick! 

This was clearly not their first rodeo. They have it dialed in when it comes to frying fish. You add some Zatarain's Seasoned FishFri (yes, that's actually spelled correctly) to the  breading dish. 

Then you throw in a few pieces of fish and give it some hardy shakes to coat the fish.

Then one person adds the breaded fish to one side of the fryer while the other person takes out the pieces that are golden brown and crispy. 

The end-result: A beautiful bowl of fried goodness. Have you seen anything prettier in your life? 

The prized piece is always the throat. Trust me. Kids fight over it like it's the wishbone of a turkey. 

And if you have fried fish then it's the law that you must also have fried hushpuppies! 

Of course the men all had to hang around the "kitchen," "backseat cooking" and talking weather and sports . . . . 

. . . while the ladies sat on the porch and chatted. But it was Mother's Day, so I think it was appropriate. 

We all know it wouldn't be a proper meal without dessert! Even after all the fish, hushpuppies, slaw and beans, people still managed to save room for a sliver each of homemade peach pie, strawberry cake or banana cream pie. 

The sushi I had last night, although amazing, just doesn't compare to the annual Mother's Day fish fry. What dish makes your homesick? 

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  1. Fantastic family gathering to the max! Where did all this happened
    In New Orleans?