Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer Snaps

I heard someone say that August is like the Sunday of Summer. I couldn't agree more; I just wish it wasn't true. As Labor Day nears, I feel my favorite season slipping away and thought I'd share a few snaps from it. It was really a good one, filled with some fun trips, some special reunions and a lot of good food and drink! Hope yours was too! And while yes the tans will fade, the memories will last forever.

Heart-Shaped Homegrown
The Golden Hour
A Cool Cocktail
Afternoon in the Low Country
Best Tri-Tip (aka California BBQ)
Cold Spring's Rooftop Jungle 
My First Cronut (or Doughsant)
Full of Life Flatbread
The Calm Before the Storm at Cypress
Chicken 'n' Waffles (Santa Barbara-Style)
Sunset on the Bay
Clams with Corn
My Precious Godson
Alfresco Evenings
Nightcap by the Firepit
Lumineers Live


  1. Lovely!!! Really wonderful shots, looks like you had fun. Congrats on being a god mama!